söndag 14 mars 2010

Basal- och vilometabolism

Dessa reslutat fick jag genom att fylla i kön, ålder, längd och vikt här :

BMR & RMR Results:

The results of your calculations are:  BMR 1,455   RMR 1,407 (calories)

As BMR and RMR only represent resting energy expenditure or calories burned during a day of rest, an adjustment must be made to reflect activity level. This can be done by multiplying by an activity factor:
Factor   Category               Definition                              BMR     RMR  
1.2SedentaryLittle or no exercise and desk1,7461,688
1.375Lightly ActiveLight exercise or sports 1-32,0011,935
 days a week
1.55Moderately ActiveModerate exercise or sports2,2552,181
 3-5 days a week
1.725Very ActiveHard exercise or sports 6-72,5102,427
 days a week
1.9Extremely ActiveHard daily exercise or sports2,7652,673
 and physical job


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